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The Real Estate Educators Association Announces New Board of Directors


Hondros College of Business announced that Tina Lapp, Hondros College of Business President, has been elected to the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA) Board of Directors for the new 2013-2015 term.

The Real Estate Educators Association is a society of real estate education stakeholders comprised of instructors, trainers, regulators, schools and authors. Lapp and the new REEA Board members were introduced at the recent Annual Conference in June that was held in Ames, Iowa at Iowa State University and the new Board of Directors began their terms on July 1.

In addition to REEA, Lapp is actively committed to the real estate industry both nationally and in Ohio. She is a member of the Ohio Association of Realtors, the Columbus Board of Realtors, the Securities and Insurance Licensing Association, the Association of Appraisal Regulatory Officials, American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators, National Association of Women Business Owners and Ohio Chamber of Commerce. She has served on various industry committees such as scholarship committees, small business committees and spent a two-year term on the Education Council of Appraisal Foundation Sponsors (ECAFS) for the Appraisal Foundation.

“Tina is a perfect addition to the REEA Board of Directors,” says Linda Hondros, President of Hondros College. “Her dedication to the professionalism and education of real estate professionals will make her an asset to the Board.”

To see the complete list of the new REEA Officers and Board of Directors, please visit http://www.reea.org and for more information on Hondros College of Business, please visit https://staging.hondros.com.

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