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How Appraisers Diversify Their Work

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Most residential appraisers rely on appraisal assignments from a limited pool of lending clients from banks and orders from appraisal management companies. While complaining about a constant stream of “revisions… Read more

Top Apps for Appraisers

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If you are a home appraiser, you know all too well the importance of having the right tools. Taking advantage of the various tech tools available to appraisers can make… Read more

IRS Ruling Cites the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

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According to a press release from The Appraisal Foundation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a new rule. The Substantiation and Reporting Requirements for Cash and Noncash Charitable Contribution Deductions rule explains… Read more

How Can an Appraiser Use Drones?

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For some, drones are pesky annoyances. But in many industries, they are considered to be labor-saving technology. A real estate appraiser, for example, can benefit from the extra vantage point… Read more

How to Find Success in Your First Year as an Appraiser

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As a real estate appraiser, you have the most important role in the property-buying process. Without you, sellers can’t sell their homes and buyers can’t buy them. Now that you’ve… Read more

Appraiser Basics: What You Need to Know

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A career as a real estate appraiser has a lot going for it. You have the option of choosing a flexible schedule as an independent appraiser or working regular hours… Read more

Appraisers Need a Website Too

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If you have your own appraisal business or plan to start one once you’re licensed, you need to reach prospective clients. You need to meet them where they’re searching for… Read more

How an Appraiser Can Wow Their Clients

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There are many types of real estate appraisers today. Some are certified to appraise residential real estate, while others appraise property for federally related transactions. If you’re interested in becoming… Read more

Top 9 Appraisal Marketing Tips

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Successful appraisers know that consistent appraisal marketing is critical to growing their businesses. When managing your business, there are a variety of appraisal marketing techniques you can use to build… Read more

Opportunities Found in the Appraisal Industry

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It’s a good time to become a real estate appraiser! For a variety of reasons, trained and certified appraisers are in higher demand than ever before. According to the Appraisal… Read more

5 Benefits of Becoming an Appraiser

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  From job stability to professional development opportunities, residential appraisal careers offer many benefits to anyone willing to work hard. If you’re driven and enthusiastic about running a successful business,… Read more

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